About Us

Located in Upstate New York, in the heart of the Capital Region, Nature’s Way transformed from one man’s hobby into a business of preserving the beauty of nature. With over 20 years of experience, we strive to provide our customers with highest quality of work possible!



At Nature’s Way, we hope you find working with us to be the most professional and pleasant experience. We offer the highest customer relations, cleanest facilities, and most reliable service in the Northeast. We urge all customers to ask as many questions, as they feel necessary. We want every customer to leave with a sense of confidence in choosing the right taxidermist.

Over the years, we have made numerous connections with individuals in the business. These connections have provided us with, not only, the knowledge of best practices and techniques, but also the highest quality mannequins and equipment in taxidermy.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are satisfied with their mount. You are not only investing in the artistic craftsmanship, but you are also investing in memories that will last a lifetime!

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